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TSB Realty Marketing Options

We have a selection of innovative marketing options to ensure your property reaches the right buyers.

Our options include:

Auction: A popular marketing programme designed to achieve the ultimate in awareness for your property. The powerful promotion of special features and benefits that your property has will establish maximum interest and exposure to the market.

Tender: The private and confidential nature of our tender programme ensures that maximum market awareness and price is achieved through the marketing of your property – similar to Auction. However, conditional offers may be received, as buyers do not have to be cash buyers at the close of tenders.

Expressions of Interest: A successful marketing strategy that focuses on the unique features and appeal of your property, this marketing programme advertises without a price (which is often the barrier to a successful sale).

Exclusive Agency: An essential marketing programme that exposes your property to the market. This programme is very successful when supplemented with various media options to a value of your choice.

Our marketing programmes are very successful and result in many properties being sold. Ask our experienced sales consultants to help you choose the best option for your property.


Tips to help you achieve the best price for your home

First impressions are very important to purchasers.

Lawns and yards remove clutter, trim grass, hedges and weed gardens.

Front of the house paint, fix or wash railings, steps, doors paths.

Other exteriors tidy back door, gutters, wash windows.

Kitchen stove, refrigerator, sink and bench should be clean.

Bathrooms neat, spotless and fresh. Repair putty around the bath.

Plumbing repair dripping faucets, leaking toilets.

Halls and stairs remove any clutter to give wide appearance.

Garage straighten up, paint, fix or wash doors and windows.

Lights replace faulty bulbs/switches, turn on sufficient lights, open drapes during the day, clean light switch surrounds.

Hardware oil hinges, tighten door knobs and faucets.

One Best Thing tell your salesperson the one special feature you like best about your home.

Spaciousness Store unneeded items to enlarge room/closet.

General State dust, wash, paint, fix defects as required.

Sun/breeze let your salesperson know which room benefits from morning sun or summer breeze.

Atmosphere turn on soft background music, if you have a fireplace, coffee maker or bread maker, use it.

Freshness spray house with freshener, especially if smokers reside, or open windows if suitable.

Children and Pets can discourage buyers. Keep them out of the house if possible – you may have them, buyers may not!

Signage Highlight special features or new equipment such as water heater, furnace etc, with small signs.

Above all, leave the selling of your home to your Salesperson and, if possible, be out when a client is brought to view.